Sunday, November 14, 2010

whew...that was a whirlwind!

life is crazy right now, especially for the past month (after getting back fm the honeymoon), and things are just NOW starting to come together...sort of! at least the boxes are broken down finally, and the dining room is set up (minus pictures on the wall). great progress was made yesterday!

so i'm hoping the tasks for this week to be accomplished are as follows:
- wash the new towels and sheets bought yesterday with my bb&b gift cards
- put away all the new goodies bought at bb&b
- study my butt off for my new job (same place, just more challenge!)
- get a couple more rooms together - i think the art room is my next project!
- go out to dinner with my husband on a date :)
- maybe paint my art room purple this weekend since i have no current plans...YESSSS!

i must say married life is great, minus the mini-adjustments that we must go through where one of us gets frustrated. but those happen with everyone when living with someone new. i love him very much and i dont' know what i would do without him!! :)

i'll let ya know how the checklist works out! ha!

Friday, October 22, 2010

we're baaaaaaaack...

...and hopefully will be able to update everything on sunday!! :)
just know that it's coming! :)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

do-over? all signs point to 'YES'!!

ok, so mayyyyyybe i haven't been the world's most faithful fact, i might just be the worst. but i'm really hoping that when all this wedding stuff calms down, i'll be able to sit down a couple of times a week and give updates about how married life is treating us. well, that is, if we both show up next saturday ;) i think we're just ready to make it to the day, get it over with, and have a great day with our friends!

new updates (in a nutshell):

-most projects are COMPLETE!
-ok, so maybe only 20 more tissue paper flowers to complete...
-and maybe putting paint on programs...
-rehearsal dinner venue fell through and switched back to original location
-bridesmaids dress crisis averted
-i'm obsessed with a couple of the new shows that debuted this fall...
-those being nikita, hellcats, the event, mike & molly, and a few others...
-i'm SO excited to spend the day with all of our friends and family on october 9th that i can barely stand it!
-i'm just AS excited to go on a 2-week vacation with my new husband...even if we don't have everything quite figured out yet. at least we'll have fun! AND eat at bobby flay's mesa grill...YUM!
-i'm NOT stressed. and i think that stresses everyone else out. so to all of those stressed out bridezillas out there, do what i do. laugh!

i love you guys and i hope to see all of ya'll next saturday!!!! :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

now back to the wedding side of things...

i have a TON of stuff to do...
invitations, invitations, and MORE invitations are on the list...
i'm really hoping to blast through the majority of them this week/long weekend.

the only 4th of july weekend plans that i have are to go to dinner at my future sis-in-law's boyfriend's new house saturday night. and then it will be back to the drawing/painting board. i HAVE to get these done in the next few weeks...but my calendar is already busy and filling up as we speak!

july 10th - amanda's bachlorette party
july 16th - tom's birthday
july 24th - amanda's wedding!!
july 30th - close on our house!!!!!!!! :)

which will be followed by complete and utter panic...ha!
hopefully we can get it all together and have a great time on october 9th. i know i will! ;)

Friday, June 18, 2010

BIG changes!!

so, there's a reason why i haven't been blogging too much lately. and i promise it's not just because i forgot - because i haven't. i've been dying to tell everyone, but i didn't really want to hear the feedback until we had it figured out....

...we're buying a house!!!!

it all spurred from one little comment from my friend keri about her neighbor's house going up for sale. it was a really cute house (just like theirs, but mirror image), so when she told me about it, i thought well, maybe we can look at it. travel down the road of time three months and i get a call from keri saying that they put a sign in the yard that day...

i went and looked at it and fell in love with all of the possibilities that lied ahead of us. i pictured our furniture, painted walls, and OUR home. that sunday, tom and his family came and looked at the house and liked it as well. side note: if you know me at all, i like to THINK that i'm a planner but when the urge strikes, i like to jump on it and take advantage of a situation. tom, not so much. he's a muller, if you know what i mean. he wanted to think, and i wanted to jump on the opportunity. i think this is why we chose to only tell a few people about our venture (at this point) - due to the fact that some people would think that we jumped into it all too quickly and maybe think that we shouldn't make a rash decision.

anyways, later that week, we made an offer on the house...
alas, it did not work out. it was a foreclosure that had just went on the market, and the bank was not willing to budge (at that point - it has since been reduced)

so, now we've got the fever...and i mean fev-vah! ha!
tom decided that he wanted to start looking for a house due to the fact that we now realize that it will be cheaper than rent to actually invest in something. side note: i knew this already having played the apartment game for a couple of years after college...
he also decided that he wants to start looking in the spring hill area - due to the good prices, new shops, proximity to work, etc.

we found a fabulous realtor - jill elkins, and it took us 2 days and 15 houses before we found 'the one'! :) it's a columbia address, but i promise it's not THAT far out - and i can't wait to get everything worked out with it and have everyone over and get married and start our life together!!!!!!!!
we close the end of july, and besides a room or two to paint (if we choose to), it's ready to move into! life does not get too much better...except that hopefully these wedding projects will get done soon! ;) keep your fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly!

Friday, May 21, 2010

hello, weekend...


too bad we still don't have full house, boy meets world, step by step, and family matters to lead us into the weekend like we did back was THE best part of television. well, that's excluding saved by the bell on saturdays...ha! :)

anyways, it's going to be another busy weekend for this betrothed lady:

today: heading to chapel hill to attend my friend scarlett's purse party - should be fun, although i'm going to have to completely restrain myself in what i purchase. i DO have my eye on a really cute beach bag though!

saturday: heading to dickson to work on invites and paintings that need to be done in the next week or so...ahhh! pressure!

sunday: beginners spin with laing and then it's LOST all night long, bay-bee! as long as sawyer stays afloat, life will be good. and on the spoiler scorecard, there are only TWO spots left for deaths this season...and it's GOT TO BE from LOST! someone has to die. it's almost like with the LOTR trilogy - i was SOOO disappointed that at least ONE main character didn't die. even though i've heard that the boat was technically them passing on into the next whatever...i want drama and tears! just spare sawyer! and put him together with juliet, and this fan will be content!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

back to the gym!

so, after being out of the gym for a week or two (i know, i know!), i'm getting back into it tonight! i'm going to my bodypump class with laing, whom i have recruited to join the YMCA with me...i'm definitely excited to have her to go with 2 nights a week. let's hope i can go a couple more times a week PLUS the two classes we go to!

we've got engagement pictures on june 9th with the fabulous anna howard of daily ikon photography. i have not met her yet, but thanks to a fabulous groupon fm back in december we have the great opportunity to work with her. check out her work - you will be impressed! so THIS is really why i need to get back in the gym and get crackin...granted, i know that a whole lot probably won't change between now and june 9th, but i'm determined to try!!

after the gym, the grey's anatomy finale comes on, i'm not a huge fan who makes sure to clear their calendar whenever there's a new episode, but the finale DOES look crazy good. so i'm thinkin i might spend an extra hour on the elliptical watching part of it, and then during commercial zip on over to tom's to watch the rest! :) we will see!